From the creator of DWARF STORY, First Place recipient for Middle Grade Fiction at The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, and Gold recipient in Children-Action at the Readers Favorite Awards, comes another succinctly titled, but totally unrelated tale of discovery and confusion.

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NYC Big Book Award 2022

"Marplot’s eccentric, heightened prose style is sure to raise regular smiles."
- Kirkus Reviews

“Don’t let the vacuum of Space fool you: the battles out here are crowded and noisy.”

“‘Oooooopsshhh’” is the sound of a dog accidentally bumping his spaceship into the hallowed spot of the Big Bang.”
For two Earth-teens, waking up in a spaceship would have been fine had they gone to bed in one. Though happy to escape the doomed Earth, they are left floating in an outer space gone dangerously bonkers. Adjusting well for their age group, Kay becomes an important prophetess, and Bobby an accidental, mythical deity, within the eyes of both their oddly constructed new friends and some very ambitious enemies. But it isn’t enough.

The great professor Lully, mediocre Bobby’s father, is mostly to blame for the highly evolved, highly arrogant automatons that now pursue these remaining Earthlings across the reaches of space and beyond the limits of logical thinking.

Though they sorely miss phone apps and solid ground, Bobby and Kay accept their role as humanity’s last chance, help battle for the future of living things, and seek the clarification of certain teenaged misunderstandings.

Wander the limits of the galaxy and logical thinking in the raucous tale of universal conquest.
“This is a book that exhibits more intelligence behind all of its props and effects than a cantina-ful of Star Wars sagas…A fine genre spoof and tribute that provides wild outer-space adventure in calculatingly twee prose.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Whatever’s up next in the mixed-up files of Marplot will certainly be worth further analysis…”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Marplot has crafted a unique, otherworldly universe and an exuberant adventure that will incidentally ground readers in the core concepts of physics.”
— Publisher’s Weekly’s Booklife

“Earth is destroyed in W. W. Marplot’s sprawling science fiction novel Space Story, and two teenagers are tasked with saving the universe from obliteration… Space Story is a witty science fiction novel in which teenagers go up against an army of mutant robots who wish to obliterate humanity… the story is smart, original, and exciting, with laughter-inducing moments. The book’s descriptions of the vast emptiness and endless darkness of space is chilling, inducing feelings of loneliness and isolation that mirror that which is experienced by Bobby and Kay.”
— Foreword Reviews

“The key to enjoying Space Story is to realize that it’s never going to take itself too seriously. It is a funny book where crazy and very amusing things ensure, and once the reader understands this, they can just sit back and enjoy the ride. The chapters, while not numbered, are divided and titled by character name and a short, amusing sentence concerning what’s about to happen. There is definitely a Monty Pythonesque feel to this hilarious book that will leave readers with a permanent smile on their face.”
— San Francisco Book Review

“Space Story is recommended reading for young sci-fi fans in middle grades and older and presents the adventures of sixteen-year-old Bobby, who falls asleep in his own bed, only to awaken in a spaceship. While the age of the protagonist would seem to indicate this book’s appropriateness for an older teen audience, the tone of the presentation makes it easily accessible to middle grades…W.M. Marplot cultivates an atmosphere of humor and adventure for middle graders as he follows Kay and Bobby’s extraordinary circumstances and encounters with not just aliens, but each other. There’s also more than a light touch of philosophical reflection as Kay faces deeper questions that aren’t usually part of sci-fi or fantasy reading for this age group. The added value of psychological, social and philosophical inspection is a nice adjunct to the alien adventures Kay and Bobby experience, and lends an unexpected, satisfying depth to the story that adults will approve of.”
— Midwest Book Review

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